Cosplay of the Day: Guilty Gear ディズィー[Dizzy]

Cosplay of the Day: Sound Horizon – エリーゼ[Elise]

Cosplay of the Day : VOCALOID – 鋼音ミク(Hagane Miku)

Cosplay of the Day : JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jolyne Kujo[空条徐倫]

Cosplay of the Day: Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning

Cosplay of the Day : Little Busters! [ Bonus Artbook! ]

Cosplay of the Day : Puella Magi Madoka★Magica – Madoka Kaname

Cosplay of the Day : Bakemonogatari

Cosplay of the Day : Code Geass – Anya Alstreim

Cosplay of the Day : Rozen Maiden 水銀燈(Suigintou)

Cosplay of the Day : ZONE-00 吉祥(Kisshō)

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