I went oversea to have a trip fora period of time and look what i’ve got ^ ^

14.12.2011 – 20.12.2011 @ Japan!😀

From top left down:
Egg Magazine , KERA Magazine , Popteen Magazine , Newtype Magazine + K-on  Limited earphone

Pokemon tissue pack of 6 , Chocolates and Sweets , Super Sonica Bookmark Set , K-on Metalic Card Keychains (5 + 1special)

Face gacha x2 , Bear Plushie keychain , Chopper Mt. Fuji socks, Tokyo Disneyland keychain , Diamond Lash , Eyelash glue , Japanese pouch

Rilakkuma gacha x1, Hakuouki gacha x2 , Gintama gacha x1 , Madoka gacha x 1 , Chopper keychain , 100yen glove , 100yen earmuff

 Gifts for my Cousin🙂 [Top 3 magazine from the top left are from Hong Kong]

Gifts for my Parents [Hello kitty for mom , One piece for dad]
There’s also Charms gotta from temple and Mt. Fuji Keychains

And me in tokyo… = =
I was unable to get clothes from japan because there’s no winter season in Singapore😦

06.01.2012 – 10.01.2012 @ Hongkong!!😀

From top left down:
Macau Poker Chip souvenir , 3 anime magazine , Dengeki Daioh Genesis 2011 vol.4 + Saten Ruiko Figure , Hello Kitty mini pouch

Lip shine , Peach Lip balm , Madoka Metalic Card Keychains x2 , Rilakkuma Keychains x2

HBG x fairy drops mascara  , Tsubasa’s Rainbow eye shadow , Hello Kitty Lipbalm , SASA chocolate Lipbalm Set , DollyWink eyelash glue , DollyWink  Eyelash Case(Tsubasa’s Design)

From top left down:
Comic Fan , Nike Jacket , ??? Jacket , 4 shirts

Hyoma Jacket , Ani-Wi Magazine , 2 stockings , Denim shorts , 2 neon singlet

purple finger-less glove , Hyoma Sweater , Rainbow knee-length socks , red leopard print skirt

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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  1. pohcbsonic says:

    Great stuff, swear I’m visiting nihon someday.😄

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