Long time no see guys!~

I’m so excited that my exam is gonna be over soon but i’m so anxious that it is coming SOON too!! My 1st paper is on 20th Oct , Phy/Chem Practical  and i don’t have confident with my chemistry… ):

But just wait till my exam end on 14th Nov and i’ll have all the time i want to relax!~

And Hey~ If anyone can gimme some tip on English Language Composition/Comprehension, Please do!~
I’m struggling with them now and my teachers from other subject[e.g POA,Science] can tell how bad my English is by marking  their paper =w=

So….  Ao no Exorcist Image Pack anyone?
Btw,I thought this pack was lacking some boys so i when to aarinfantasy to grab them -coughs-

Download Link[354Image]:http://www.mediafire.com/?t3vub3zjvwewn9f



*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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