Guys i’m finally back home and found time to online! 😀
I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much post since i left for the event o.o…
I’ve also noticed the sudden spam of thumbs down on lots of posts? ;o…
It’s been super tiring at the event and my energy has been completely drain x.x…

And as promise the next pack will be touhou image pack and the next few packs , i will be following ranking 🙂
But sorry if this pack isn’t as nice as you’ve expected i was starting out with the other artworks , but i promise the next touhou pack will be better 🙂

Here’s the result of the poll that i will be following,
Touhou 31.5%  (80 votes)
VOCALOID 20.47%  (52 votes)
Black Rock Shooter 16.14%  (41 votes)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica 16.54%  (42 votes)
K-on! 15.35%  (39 votes)

Download Link[500Image] :



*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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