Kisshō from ZONE- 00, one of the hardest character i find to cosplay.
You have to be small(Around 155cm & 40kg) , kawaii and have very fair skin.
Also your burst must not be too big because Kissho’s a MALE @ ~ @ … *TRAP ALERT*
His costume is also quite reviling, the top only cover half of his chest with a halter design for his wings,follow by a super mini shorts.
For Cosplayers who pays attention to details, the colorful tattoo designs all over his body are also very troublesome.
Another troublesome detail is the red super high heel, to walk in those i doubt they must to a ballerina or some dancer * o * !
Lastly i really hate the part where his costume must be made of PVC -hot hot , fans fans-

    橘 れみか            山本 涼            荼蘼               椿はかな

     椿はかな            咲 華乃            Ruvi子             ネネコ

          EKI              ☆こゆき☆      a s u m i ~ ☆           PINO

                うりう                      Pon★                       組長

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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