Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, I really want to cosplay her when if i have the chance ):
She’s the 1st doll to be created by their father but she doesn’t like to hang out with the other dolls because she’s an incompleted doll without an abdomen and Rosa Mystica.
For girls who wanna cosplay her, its best to make your own costume or tailor it as costume sold in the market have quite a lot of mistake.
I prefer to see suigintou cosplayer putting an effort to make the dress frilly & lacy , add roses to shoes/headwear/dress and use pannier compare to those skirt that can’t stand.
Pointing out next is her wig, some cosplayer likes to get white and shiny grey wigs for suigintou, but i think a matte grey wig will fit her perfectly.
Her black wings are also important too as it gives her the fallen angel feel which i think suits her well. 🙂
The last fact that i like to emphasis to everyone is her make up ,please don’t get confuse, they are dark elegant make-up and not emo make up with super think black eyeliner :S


    立華 桜           renhoo            姫月さくら           猫羅 ユウ

     BLAST                                     歌淡                      ???

             紅月 司                        ???                             

           姫月さくら                           ???                             鶴田景

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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