Instead of just featuring 1 character , this time i rather feature the fullcast [well not really] beacuase I think this anime is way too awesome and the concept is interesting to me!! xD

Those who love it may love it for the artwork ,concept of the story, different type characters [That includes Tsundere, kyūketsuki, Megane ko, Loli-s, Neko, Somewhat Boke etc.], and those who don’t will just find it boring and has a weird concept with one guy being surrounding by many girls again  ;x…For those who have never seen this anime before , i hope you guys will give it a shot~ 😀

So.. I won’t be giving advice this time since there are so many of them 😀
Just want you guys to enjoy~

          榎葉なり                    hagaren                   早瀬あみ

         小谷                 りさ子                せつ子               らい

       ちよこ            Angie Ong        P (゜A゜) M           片桐 綾

     ミサ*Misa              淩。                 雪代怜                うりう

About Arishige Aiko

Female ,17 , Singaporean , Cosplayer , Otaku , Beginner Artist

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