School Assignment : Gintama Movie Poster.

I had an assignment a few days ago,
My teacher told me to make a movie poster of anything i like,
And now it’s done and i wanna share it 😀

One thing i’ll like to seriously highlight is , Sadaharu is a Teacup White Pomeranian and i edited in his Eyebrows~
It would be nicer if they were in Japanese, but since the Japanese character in my school isn’t really Viewable, i used English.
And since the computer there aren’t good, i can only resolve to using google to gather all my picture, so the quality isn’t that good ^ ^.
But i find this very fun and i’ll make more of it next time!! :D!
Hope you use like my fake Gintama movie poster hahas ^ ^

Image Used: Gintama & Friends Sadaharu Hijikata Okita Kamui Sa-chan Kondo Katsura Shinsuke Logo Background 1 Background 2
P.S I lost the link for 3 photos but i’ll try to find them.

Cosplay of the Day : Tiger & Bunny – ブルーローズ(Blue Rose)

Here’s the 2nd cosplay post today, It’s gonna get Icy in here.
I wanted to make a a Super Sonica post today since my list of charaters aren’t on my current PC,
but Blue Rose came out on the news feed of mine so i proceed on with her since she’s kinda in my list too.

She’s a superhero idol by the name of Blue Rose in the anime Tiger & Bunny,
She joined the hero society to become an idol and has the power to manipulate ice.

Her cosplay can only be described by me as SEXY and making it is a pain in a butt,
even if i’m able to make it, my parents will murder me if i cosplay her haha…-sweats-

I can bet that many of her cosplayers will choose to buy her costume instead of wanting to self make it themself.
From the translucent material to her gloves and “tentacles”, If you were to ask me to make it , i would say pass straight away
More ever there’s her “PEPSI NEX” logo on both her gloves and boots is definitely not something that can be draw on by fabric paint,
it’s more of finding those shirt design printing company and the price must hurt alot.

But the difficulties adds on with her glowing ice gun and her super blueish make up.
When i was searching for cosplayers , i noticed that many of them had weird and scary make up, and only minority manage to please me, and also… most of them didn’t carry a gun but subsitute it with a Pepsi bottle… ha?

.       桃色 れく               WOLF             ALICE.M             相葉ノア

         ゆうひ               mussum             Tasha                 響華

.             恋-Ren-                      相葉ノア                            桃色 れく

.              なくら                              愛咽                                 N0N

For those who wanna learn how to make her gun,
maybe you can visit here: Part 1 Part 2

Cosplayer of the Day: ジェスケ(Jesuke)

I’m back from my chinese new year visiting and such! 🙂

And today i’m very very free!!
So i’m gonna do 2 posts on Cosplay!! ^ ^

1st of all,
I’ll like to introduce everyone to a dear Singaporean cosplay friend of mine(?), Jesuke.
We aren’t that close so don’t go harass her  > _ <!!~
Her costumes and props are fully self-made and are always of precise detail, she put lots effort into them .

She was the one that got me serious in cosplay 🙂
Before i started cosplaying, I met her working in a small shop that my cosplay friends always hang out at and didn’t know she was such a great cosplay until they told me about her and ask me to check it out.
Instead of people having aims to be as great as KANAME or KIPI etc. ,she was my motivation to for cosplaying , i used to treat her more like  an idol , but as time pass,  i’m treating her more as a cosplay friend 🙂 [but i’m not sure of her since we also not that close hahas~]
There are people telling me that she’s very cold to others because she doesn’t like people making friend with her just because of her fame, but those are just false rumors, she’s very very nice in person!

Blog / Curecos / Deviantart / Facebook / Fanblog / WorldCosplay

and here is a PV that was made with her and friend:

Goodies from Japan and Hong Kong

I went oversea to have a trip fora period of time and look what i’ve got ^ ^

14.12.2011 – 20.12.2011 @ Japan! 😀

From top left down:
Egg Magazine , KERA Magazine , Popteen Magazine , Newtype Magazine + K-on  Limited earphone

Pokemon tissue pack of 6 , Chocolates and Sweets , Super Sonica Bookmark Set , K-on Metalic Card Keychains (5 + 1special)

Face gacha x2 , Bear Plushie keychain , Chopper Mt. Fuji socks, Tokyo Disneyland keychain , Diamond Lash , Eyelash glue , Japanese pouch

Rilakkuma gacha x1, Hakuouki gacha x2 , Gintama gacha x1 , Madoka gacha x 1 , Chopper keychain , 100yen glove , 100yen earmuff

 Gifts for my Cousin 🙂 [Top 3 magazine from the top left are from Hong Kong]

Gifts for my Parents [Hello kitty for mom , One piece for dad]
There’s also Charms gotta from temple and Mt. Fuji Keychains

And me in tokyo… = =
I was unable to get clothes from japan because there’s no winter season in Singapore 😦

06.01.2012 – 10.01.2012 @ Hongkong!! 😀

From top left down:
Macau Poker Chip souvenir , 3 anime magazine , Dengeki Daioh Genesis 2011 vol.4 + Saten Ruiko Figure , Hello Kitty mini pouch

Lip shine , Peach Lip balm , Madoka Metalic Card Keychains x2 , Rilakkuma Keychains x2

HBG x fairy drops mascara  , Tsubasa’s Rainbow eye shadow , Hello Kitty Lipbalm , SASA chocolate Lipbalm Set , DollyWink eyelash glue , DollyWink  Eyelash Case(Tsubasa’s Design)

From top left down:
Comic Fan , Nike Jacket , ??? Jacket , 4 shirts

Hyoma Jacket , Ani-Wi Magazine , 2 stockings , Denim shorts , 2 neon singlet

purple finger-less glove , Hyoma Sweater , Rainbow knee-length socks , red leopard print skirt

My AFA11 Cosplay

No matter what , i find it bad not to upload my own stuff to my website ^ ^” …

These are the characters i did for AFA!

Day 2 : Yuyuko-sama~~ from Touhou Project

Day 3 : Rosemary from pop’n and music

Chinese New Year Special Image Pack 2


I’ll be away from home till monday to celebrate chinese new year at my grandparent’s house in JB 😀
So i’ve prepared another CNY Image Pack to share with everyone ^ ^.
This time i went on to another Image board,So if i happen to duplicate any image,  feel free to remove them.

I’ve stop posting cosplay posts for quite a period of time, it’s not because i didn’t want to do it anymore.
I just find it very time consuming and i’m always on tight schedule these few days, Of cause when i’m very free , i’ll bring the post back to live 🙂
Hope you guys understand and that for the patients.

Download Link[278 Image] :



*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy.

Chinese New Year Special Image Pack

I’m afraid i had to go off soon and won’t have a chance to share things with everyone,
So i’ve prepared a CNY image pack and hopefully everyone will like it 🙂
It’s a Qi Pao[chinese dress] and Year of the Dragon Special, at the same time ,
let this be a belated New Year pack for everyone too.

I’ve taken in suggestion and tried out a new program to rename all the files ,
so hopefully if you guys are sorting out the image pack , you won’t get confuse ^ ^”…

Download Link[261 Image]:


*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy


Back for 2weeks / [AMV] Yoko is perfect

Everyone noticed i’ve been missing right? ^ ^”
That’s because i went oversea for a course for 3months and i do not have a PC there…
All i had was an Ipad that isn’t jailbreak and wasn’t convince to work with for uploading images > _ > …

Now i’m home sweet home because it’s almost Chinese New Year and i need to celebrate with my family 🙂
But i’ll be going off again in 2weeks time and will only be back during March, so wait for me~ -wave flags-
Anyways a little rant for me…My result is out…
I’ve gotta D7 for my English again despite retaking it! Am i that bad? T ^ T…

Soo…back to sharing 🙂
To say the truth , i’m not into AMV at all, but I happened to found 2 amazing short AMV that caught my interest on youtube and i would like to share them 🙂 [1st video : fanboy service ,2st video : fangirl service]

and this is shorter but i prefer this ^ ^..

Wohhh~ i’m not into AMV so i dont go around the blog looking at all of them, hopefully i didn’t repost any if not just ask me to remove it or you can trouble kazasou ;D.

Halloween Image Pack 2

As Promise, here’s part 2! 🙂

Someone should scold me for posting such things during exam period… > _ <!!

Here’s the guy version of the previous Angel Beat’s halloween wallpaper:

Download Link[228 Image] :








*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy


Halloween Special Image Pack

How’s the Halloween spirit going on guys?! 😀
I hope you guys already made your plans for halloween!~
Here’s a special Image Pack i made for Halloween and hope you all love it~ 🙂
P.S I will upload another one  around the next few day

oh and i wouldn’t be here until after exam so i’ll wish you guys early


Download Link[243 Image]:


*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy